Verifying that your domain is set up with MDaemon's certification service

At this time, there is no email confirmation after your domain has been added to MDaemon's certification service. If you would like to verify that your domain has been added follow the procedure below.

You may check by using NSLOOKUP from command line. If Alt-N is vouching for your domain, you should get 'all' returned when you do the lookup.

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type: nslookup [enter]
  3. Type: set type=txt [enter]
  4. Type: <example.com>._vouch.vbr.emailcertification.org [enter]   (NOTE: In this step, 'example.com' would be your domain)
  5. You should see a result that looks like: Non-authoritative answer: ._vouch.vbr.emailcertification.org text = 'ALL'
  6. Type: exit [enter]
  7. Type: exit [enter]

Additional Comments

Make sure to wait 2-3 days to do this look up as it takes time for DNS changes to propagate.

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