MailStore Upgrades and Renewals

How MailStore Licensing Works

MailStore licenses offer flexible, per user ordering with reduced pricing based on volume. A minimum number of 5 must be purchased and additional users can be purchased at any time. A MailStore user is classified as any person whose email is archived by MailStore although users may have any number of mailboxes archived into their MailStore account. You should purchase a license size that matches the number of people in your organization who send and receive email. Please note that MailStore licenses specifically exclude the use of MailStore to provide commercial email archiving services.

Adding New Users

Additional users can be added to your MailStore license in minimum quantities of 5. When you add users to your existing license, the new users will inherit the same expiry date as your current license key. The pricing for the new users is based on the total number of users you will have AFTER the upgrade. (For example, if you have a 9 user license and want another 16 users, the pricing for the additional users will be based on the '25-49 users' band because you will have 25 users in total). If your current license's expiry date is 450 or more days in the future, then the cost of the additional users will include 2 years of software renewal coverage, or 3 years if the expiry date is 810 or more days in the future.

The current version of MailStore Archive Server is 22.2.2

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