Software Purchase & Licensing FAQ

MDaemon Single Installer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: What is included in the single installer of MDaemon?
    A: To simplify the software experience and better align with the recent rebranding of Alt-N Technologies to MDaemon Technologies, the following plug-ins will be included as MDaemon licensed features within a single download/installer file:
  • Q: Will the serial numbers for MDaemon or licensed features be changing?
    A: No. The serial numbers will not change. All products will continue using unique serial numbers.
  • Q: Will the SKUs or pricing be changing?
    A: No. There will be no changes to catalog SKUs or pricing.
    Note: The product descriptions are changing for Outlook Connector and SecurityPlus (see FAQ above)
  • Q: Will the current automatic update process for MDaemon and the licensed features continue to be used?
    A: Yes. The systems to notify administrators and automatically update MDaemon will continue to function. The MDaemon update will include updates for all licensed features.
  • Q: Can I continue using my current version of MDaemon and licensed features?
    A: Yes. As long as you do not upgrade MDaemon to v 18.0.0 or higher, you can continue using all of the current versions.
  • Q: My MDaemon license (serial number) is expired, what does this mean for me?
    A: In order to obtain the latest version of MDaemon or licensed feature(s), you will need to renew your MDaemon license along with the license for any of the licensed features.
  • Q: I have upgraded to MDaemon 18.0.0, can I upgrade a licensed feature(s) without upgrading MDaemon?
    A: No. In order to obtain the latest licensed feature versions you must download and install the latest MDaemon version. (A per licensed feature update system will be looked at for future versions.)
  • Q: I am running a version of MDaemon prior to 18.0.0, can I upgrade to the latest version of a licensed feature using my existing MDaemon version?
    A: No. If you want the current version of licensed feature (e.g., MDaemon Antivirus), you must update to MDaemon 18.0.0.
    However, you can install the latest versions of Outlook Connector and SecurityPlus that are available for download.
  • Q: I purchased a new MDaemon license after the release of MDaemon 18.0.0, can I use this license with earlier versions of MDaemon (e.g. v 17.5.X)?
    A: Yes, the license for MDaemon 18.0.0 will work in previous versions.
  • Q: I am using MDaemon 18.0.0 and want to renew my AntiVirus license so I can continue to obtain virus definition updates and use Outbreak Protection. Can I do this without renewing MDaemon?
    A: Yes, you can renew your AntiVirus license without renewing your MDaemon license. This will allow you to obtain the latest virus definition updates and use Outbreak Protection. However, if you want the latest AntiVirus application features, you will also need to renew your MDaemon license.
  • Q: How do I trial a licensed feature?
    A: Trials of MDaemon 18.0.0 and newer will include a 30 day trial for all licensed features. If a user purchased MDaemon without trialing a feature (e.g., ActiveSync) and later decides they would like a trial of a licensed feature, they can enable the feature in MDaemon. If a user has already trialed MDaemon or any licensed feature and would like to trial it again or extend their trial while using the same version of MDaemon, they will need to contact customer service for assistance.
  • Q: I've purchased MDaemon after v18.0.0 was released, how do I purchase a licensed feature?
    A: Licensed features are still available for individual purchase on our website.
  • Q: Is the user count for licensed features going to be required to match the user count on the MDaemon license?
    A: No. The existing policies for user counts will remain unchanged. The license sizes for MDaemon Connector and MDaemon ActiveSync will need to be large enough to cover all accounts that have the feature enabled. The MDaemon AntiVirus license will need to be large enough to cover all accounts that exist in MDaemon.

Flex Licensing™

Flex Licensing enables customers to purchase the specific number of users for their organization without being forced to purchase a fixed license user count. As a result, customers pay only for the number of users they need to support their organization.

Under traditional licensing tiers, if a company needs to support 125 users they have to purchase the user count that is closest to their need. If the next tier is 200 users, they are paying for an additional 75 users. With Flex Licensing, customers are not confined to fixed license tiers. They only pay for what they need. And when additional licenses are needed at a future date, customers can easily add new licenses in any amount above the 5 user minimum.

MDaemon Technologies Product Licensing

MDaemon Technologies products are licensed using either a perpetual or annual license method for the product purchased. Annual Software Renewal Coverage entitles the user to any major/minor update within the license renewal term. This option offers significant discounts over expired and new license pricing. If the license is expired, access to a newer version can also be purchased at a discount. These licensing options are explained in detail below.

Product License Type Details
MDaemon, MDaemon AntiVirus, MDaemon Connector for Outlook, RelayFax, MDaemon ActiveSync, Mailstore Archiving Server Commercial use (Individual Business) Perpetual Per Server License * A license is purchased for each server running a MDaemon Technologies product. Under this license, you are permitted to use the major version and any hot fixes/minor version updates for that version.
SecurityGateway Annual Per Server License A license is purchased for each server running a MDaemon Technologies product. Under this license, you are permitted to use the major version and any hot fixes/minor version updates for that version.
MDaemon Private Cloud Commercial use (Service Provider) Monthly Per Server License A license is purchased for each server running a MDaemon Technologies product. Under this license, you are permitted to use the major version and any hot fixes/minor version updates for that version.
* NOTE: Perpetual licenses are charged as a one-time license fee for the given major version of MDaemon Technologies software. There are no ongoing license charges associated with the license itself.

Annual Software License Renewal Coverage

MDaemon Technologies' annual software license renewal coverage allows users to update to any version of their registered product that is released during the coverage period.

Customers who purchase MDaemon Technologies software will receive 12 month software license renewal coverage. Prior to the expiration of the software license, a renewal notice will be sent to the registered email address. Customers then have the option to renew the software or let the protection lapse.

To review prior purchases of MDaemon Technologies products, please log into your online account to access the payment receipt, which will have the date of purchase recorded.

If you are eligible for a free upgrade, it will be made available under your online account. For more information please contact Customer Support.

Software Updates

You will be entitled to a free software update to the current major version if you have purchased a full version of MDaemon Technologies software in the last 12 months or maintain annual software license renewal coverage on your current version of software.

When a new version of software is released, MDaemon Technologies will continue to provide support and critical/security fixes for the previous version for at least 12 months after release of the new version. After this time, fixes will be supplied on a discretionary basis and support requests pertaining to the supported version will be serviced. A list of supported versions can be found on the Support page.

When updating from an earlier version of the product to a new major version of the product, a discount may be applicable. MDaemon Technologies may also provide additional discounts or incentives through promotions from time to time.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers require a separate license for each instance.

How Do I Register a License of MDaemon Technologies Software?

MDaemon Technologies software is licensed on a per server basis. There are two primary ways that you can register the software.

For Computers Connected to the Internet

When installing MDaemon Technologies software, a license registration process is used during the software installation to submit your registration details to the licensing server. You will need to be connected to the Internet to use this process to register MDaemon Technologies software for trial and purchase.

This utility provides a number of payment mechanisms ranging from online credit card payments to faxed purchase orders. If you register using online credit card details, MDaemon Technologies will immediately acquire a registration key and register it with the server. However, if you choose any other payment mechanism, it simply lodges your registration request with the payment server (assuming that you will reconcile payment by fax or purchase order). Once MDaemon Technologies receives notification of payment mechanism, your license key will be generated and mailed to the nominated email address.

For Computers not connected to the Internet (Closed network option)

If a connection to the Internet is not available, a unique license file can be created by MDaemon Technologies. To use this method, contact Technical Support for installation instructions and guidance.

MDaemon Technologies End User License Agreement

You should carefully read the End User License Agreement before using MDaemon Technologies software.

MDaemon Technologies reserves the right to revise or change its pricing and software policy at any time.

Any further queries on licensing can be directed to